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CHARIS & Service to the Poor

In CHARIS we believe that we can dream of a better future in the world if we are faithful to God’s inspirations and work together following the teachings of Jesus in the Gospel. Pope Francis entrusted to CHARIS the mission to serve the poor and the most needy, physically and spiritually. To address this third dimension, a Human Promotion Commission was created in September 2021.

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The first action of the Human Promotion Commission was to organise a meeting on YouTube on 1 July 2022 on the theme Charismatic Renewal, Social Action and Service to the Poor. About 1,000 people followed the event live and, to date, the video on Youtube has more than 3,500 views, in English, Spanish, French, Italian or Portuguese.  It shows how communities and individuals – connected to the Holy Spirit and to each other – can discover unexpected possibilities and participate in the coming of the Kingdom of God through social action and service to the poor in Paraguay (Kkotongnae), Brazil (Shalom), France and Togo (Fondaccio), Congo (Via Pacis), Uganda (Holy Trinity Community), India (Dhiya), Australia (Emmanuel) and many other regions of the world, through various projects to be developed and made known.

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